Here you can find all available fabrics!

They are displayed in sections, detailing what can be made in each 🌈

cotton lycra - Suitable for dungarees, pinafores, pencil skirts, leggings, t-shirts, Harems, Nursing tops, pocket & Cocoon dress, pants, boxers and bras

Periodic Table - CL
Light Blue Llamas - CL
Mustard Llamas - CL
Black Llamas - CL
White Rainbow Hearts - CL
Navy Fruit - CL
Mustard Bolts - CL
Grey Bolts - CL
Blue Bolts
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Ochre Scandi - CL
Celestial Sun/Moon - CL
Rainbow Cacti - CL
Orange Feathers -CL
Navy Peacocks - CL
Mint Cacti - CL
Bright Galaxy - CL
Oil Slick - CL
Stripe Fruit - CL
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Purple Toadstool - CL
Lilac Scandi - CL
Grey 'Girl' - CL
Wavy Sea life - CL
Digital Swans - CL
Traditional Rainbow Stripe - CL
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French Terry - Suitable for dungarees, pinafores, pencil skirts, hooded sweatshirt, cowl neck sweatshirt, round neck sweatshirt, relaxed fit sweatshirt, Cropped sweatshirt & pocket skirts & Dresses.

100% Cotton - Suitable for dungarees, pinafores, luna & celeste trousers.

White/Blue Stripe - FT
Red/Black Stripe - FT
Grey Orcas - FT
Grey Arrows - FT
Green Dino - Fleece FT
Oil Slick - FT
Rainbow Hearts Black - FT
Muted Rainbow Stripe - FT
Scandi Flower - FT
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Green Safari - FT


stripe - FT

Feathers - Cotton
Intergalactic - Cotton
Dino Rawr - Cotton
Bright Eyes - Cotton
Space Dinos - Cotton 56AB6-8698-4D8D-A45A-EBB4E00A22F6
Floral - Cotton
Bright Galaxy - Cotton
Ladybirds - Cotton
Pastel Galaxy - Cotton
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Pink Galaxy - Cotton
Space Whales - Cotton
Crashing Waves - Cotton
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